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Celestite Cluster - 4-MADS-36

Measuring 2.84" X 1.37" X 2.08", this celestial cluster from Madagascar will effortlessly infuse your space with an aura of calmness and peace. Celestite is renowned for its ability to enhance communication with the higher realms, acting as a bridge between the earthly realm and the celestial dimensions. It is said to awaken your innate intuitive abilities, helping you unlock the door to divine wisdom and inner enlightenment. Celestite is also believed to bring forth a gentle and soothing energy that aids in relieving stress, anxiety, and promotes a deep sense of inner peace. Its tranquil vibrations create a sanctuary of stillness in the midst of life's chaotic whirlwinds, allowing you to find solace and sanctuary whenever you need it most.

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0.4608 LBS
2.84" X 1.37" X 2.08"
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