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Citrine Cathedral Quartz - 2-DAN-02

The ancient power of the Citrine Cathedral Quartz will astound those who are drawn to its breathtaking beauty. A natural piece of quartz, this dark citrine point takes the form of an imposing cathedral and is sure to add life and beauty to any space it inhabits. Yours originates from Brazil and measures 4.39" X 3.63" X 2.59", a stunning powerhouse in your metaphysical collection. For ages, this crystal has been revered for its energy: stimulating the brain, stirring creativity, and sharpening innate intuition while purifying physical manifestations of negativity that can be found in thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. As one aligned with its resonance finds deeper understanding into themselves and their surroundings, meaningful action can take place for self-empowerment. This is a spiritual mentor kept close at hand - giving guidance through metaphysical knowledge and powers that have accumulated with age. May it help you reach another level of consciousness where inner peace flourishes along with joyous personal growth!

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2.8440 LBS
8.96" X 5.25" X 2.01"
Solar Plexus
Natural Formation
Country of Origin

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