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Dioptase AAA Cluster - 634-EQ-27

This Dioptase AAA Cluster from Kazakhstan, measuring .72" X .60" X .32", has the power to bring all your dreams into focus. This is no ordinary crystal cluster - this exquisite piece is crafted from perfect dark emerald-green dioptase, radiating its full energy potential. With its unique and intricate structure, it embodies true harmony and balance. Dioptase of this quality may not be found in nature very often, but when you do come across one, it's definitely an experience worth savoring. Not only does this magical gem possess undeniable beauty, but it also symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and renewal. Its powerful vibrations will help clear and stimulate all of your chakras while giving you a sense of renewed presence in the moment - everything is within reach when working with dioptase!

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.72" X .60" X .32"
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