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Double Merkaba - 12-SMC-11

This exquisite crystal power piece is cut into the form of a great rhombihexacron and crafted from polished Brazilian clear quartz. It looks like intersecting pyramids that are joined together. Each point is intricately carved and smooth so it fits comfortably in your hands. It measures 1.64", making this the perfect size to take with you anywhere. The Double Merkaba has long been used by healers, shamans, mystics, and anyone looking for inner-discovery or spiritual growth. It's even loved by those who use it to connect with angels and other spiritual guides who have passed beyond the realm of physical existence. Within its structure lies an ancient symbol of balance, protection and self-alignment - all creating sacred space for healing on all levels of beingness mind, body and soul! To tap into these energies simply hold the merkaba in your hands with an open heart and quiet mind while setting your intention. This amazing spiritual tool carries both masculine and feminine polarities within its two pyramids allowing important energy exchange at both morphogenetic levels which will assist in jumpstarting any spiritual journey as well as connecting deeper to higher vibrational frequencies allowing you clearer insights on any matters related to deeper spiritual understanding!

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