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Fluorite Bowl - 70-JKS-13

Crafted and carved by hand into a polished bowl, this piece of metaphysical artistry is designed to help you reach deeper states of awareness. With its uneven, scappled edges that contrast against an otherwise glossy finish, the Rainbow Fluorite Bowl is an ideal addition to any spiritual practice or healing journey. Functioning like a prism for your energy, this Rainbow Fluorite Bowl helps connect you to core soul truth and exciting illumination. Its curvaceous shape and natural rainbow coloring encourages deep exploration into far-reaching realms of understanding, energy transformation work, divination practices and beyond. Unleash new realms of power within yourself by utilizing the full potential of the Rainbow Fluorite Bowl. Measuring 2.93" X 1.36", this unique bowl happens to complement any healing setting and serves as a delightful reminder that magical transformation is possible!

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0.1953 LBS
2.93" X 1.36"
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Polished Shape

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