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Gem Silca on Quartz Freeform

This Gem Silca on Quartz Freeform is a one-of-a-kind piece handcrafted by Lawrence Stoller's CrystalWorks in Bend, Oregon. Featuring 4.84" X 3.33" X 1.75" of polished and shaped quartz, this beautiful freeform piece can open your spiritual center while bringing a sense of peace to your sacred space.

The unique combination of Gem Silca and quartz are perfect for those looking to access their innermost truths, explore metaphysical knowledge and enrich their lives with spiritual clarity. Engaging these energies can help open the way for self-examination, greater awareness, and increased intuition – all with the intention to benefit yourself and others around you.

Gem Silca has been used as a spiritual stone to help maintain composure in challenging situations and aid in the understanding of nonphysical realms. With its own vibration, it assists you in connecting more deeply to your environment by aligning its energetic properties with that of nature’s elements, from its magnetic connection with water to its grounding effect on earth.


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1.6270 LBS
4.84" X 3.33" X 1.75"
Polished Shape

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