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Large Apophyllite Cluster - 166-ELI-14

This gorgeous cluster is larger than life and sure to bring beauty and harmony into your sacred space, measuring 4.62" X 2.95" X 1.99". The remarkable cluster of crystals contains beautiful inclusions of pink stilbite radiating through the natural formation for a spectacular display of mineral mastery! Let these enchanting clusters captivate you in its soothing energy. Apophyllite is an iconic stone that radiates high vibrations and is known to bring clarity and comfort to anyone who holds it. Apophyllite healing works as a powerful bridge between dimensions, amplifying energies, raising vibrations, working through ascension changes, clearing out subconscious blocks, aligning energies, creating empathic connections, and alleviating fear and stress levels. Bring this magnificent cluster into your home to uplift all who inhabit its space with positivity! The energy from this one-of-a-kind specimen will transform your ritual practice or altar into a mystical oasis of balance and peace. Trust yourself and let the beauty of this mesmerizing cluster guide you to the next level of serenity.

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0.9259 LBS
4.62" X 2.95" X 1.99"
Natural Formation
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