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Manifestation Pyrite in Quartz - 372-JAK-01

Manifestation Pyrite in Quartz is a powerful crystal ally for manifesting your deepest desires. This large, polished crystal sparkles with inclusions of rutile and a constellation of mini pyrite crystals. Fully polished, this crystal measures 3.84" X 3.61" X 2.43". Pyrite is known as a stone of lucky fortunes and prosperity. It is also a powerful stone for manifestation, helping you to bring your dreams and goals into reality. Quartz amplifies the energies of other stones and helps to magnify your intentions. This Manifestation Pyrite in Quartz crystal is the perfect companion for anyone seeking to create abundance and prosperity in their lives. Keep it nearby while you meditate on your heart's desire and watch as the Universe conspires to make it happen!

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1.8982 LBS
3.84" X 3.61" X 2.43"
Natural Formation
Polished Shape
Polished Point

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