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The Boji Stone™ is a remarkably rare mineral, known for its distinctive physical appearance and metaphysical properties. Found only in the southwest of the United States, the Boji Stone™ is primarily formed from Pyrite. They range in hue from enchanting earthy tones to sparkling rainbow colors. The Boji Stones™ often come in pairs, with one male and one female mineral. The male is the crystal with more texture, while the female is usually more smooth. However, some Boji Stones™ are sold as singles when they have a unique coloring.

The Boji Stones™ are grounded to the base chakra, bringing balance into the body of the beholder. They assist in harmonizing polarizing energies in the body, such as the male and female. The mineral clears blockages, supplying an unlimited energy source to the spirit. Boji Stones™ stabilize the Meridian Points, and are even known to aid in alleviating physical discomfort.