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Multi-Color Tourmaline

Journey through the rainbow with this mesmerizing multi-color tourmaline specimen from the Congo. As your eyes traverse its length, the crystal shifts from a sensuous deep pink hue at the base, to a lively golden green vibrancy in the center, finally giving way to a tranquil blue-green tone at the terminated tip.

This naturally formed terminated crystal measures a2.61" X .79" X .67". Hold it up to the light and watch in awe as the interplay of colors dances within. One can almost imagine the patient forces of nature that worked for eons to create such a kaleidoscopic wonder. It can help to promote balance and harmony, and to open the heart chakra. It is also said to be helpful for increasing creativity and inspiration.

Now you can add this one-of-a-kind Congo tourmaline to your personal crystal collection. Its shifting rainbow colors will infuse your sacred space with positive, healing energy.


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2.61" X .79" X .67"
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