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Quartz is the most common mineral on the planet. While the most common, it certainly is not something to overlook
when it comes to healing and collecting. It is one of the most varied minerals that we know. Quartz comes in many colors and is often described by the color it contains: ie: Rose Quartz is pink, Amethyst is Purple and Green Quartz comes from one of several minerals.

Quartz can contain inner crystals ( Manifestation Quartz ) or water (Enhydro Quartz).

Quartz is very useful in healing as it transmits energy very well and this is why it is used in electronics. Quartz also
has memory and used in computer chips for this purpose.

Choose through the many types of quartz below and you will surly find what you looking for.

Remember, the crystal is looking for you as much as you are looking for it. Trust the process.