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Rainbow and Rutile Sphere - 427-JAK-01

Be captivated by the beauty of this Rainbow and Rutile Sphere. Made from clear quartz, this gorgeous sphere features silver-colored rutile inclusions and remarkable internal rainbows. This piece measures 1.66” diameter, making it the perfect size to fit onto any alter or inspiration area without taking up too much space.

The Rainbow and Rutile Sphere is known to provide cleansing, healing energies to any environment – whether you're feeling overwhelmed by chaos or need a boost of peacefulness in your living space. Let the wise energy vibrations of this piece give you clarity and amplify your natural intuition. Keep this sphere around as a reminder to stay on your path and fulfill your true potential with courage and self-love. Plus, its beautiful prism reflects light and has the power to raise your vibration so that you’ll become a beacon for all things good and prosperous!


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