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Rhodizite Crystal - 3-SHA

These top-quality Rhodizite Crystals from Madagascar are about .25 carats, measuring about .15", and each one is handpicked for you. Connect to its powerful metaphysical properties as you work to bring more positivity into your life. The energy of this stone is truly something special - it erases all negativity and neutral energy from your life automatically. It’s one of the only crystals that never needs cleansing or energizing! This means that it constantly radiates positive energy, providing an infinite supply all the time. In terms of healing, Rhodizite brings a clear energy similar to Quartz crystal, making it easier to transfer other energies accurately and effectively. By using a Rhodizite in meditation, you’ll find yourself entering a deep state of mental clarity with effortless ease. Activate this amazing stone today and feel the power of perfect peace as it leads you into the “no-mind” state!

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Solar Plexus
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