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Introducing Crystal and Gemstone Spheres—the perfect gift to give yourself or a friend. Are you looking to tap into the power of crystals and gemstones? Our spheres are carefully crafted to bring out the best in the crystal—the one-of-a-kind purity, beauty, and energy that goes beyond explanation.

These incredible orbs offer an immensely powerful connection to ancient mysticism. Spheres have been used in gazing rituals, meditation circles, and personal healing sessions for centuries! They possess an incredibly potent vibration that can facilitate smoother communication in group gatherings and enhance any space with their calming presence.

Crystal balls have also been used for purifying energy as well as filling gaps in the entire auric field when worn or held. Harmful negativity is dissolved when it enters contact with these beautiful crystalline orbs, while beneficial energies are encouraged to remain. This makes them a wonderful tool for self-care practices like yoga, qigong, or mindful breathing exercises.

Choose your sphere based on the type of crystal or gemstone you’d like; clear quartz is great for amplifying spiritual connections; rose quartz is ideal for radiating love and kindness; amethyst brings about peace and stillness; obsidian draws away built-up stress… Whatever energy you’re hoping to create, there’s a unique sphere just waiting to invoke its magical vibrations!