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Smoky Quartz Faceted Point - 80-MUL-16

If you're looking for a powerful crystal ally to raise your vibration and help you connect with the higher realms, look no further than the Smoky Quartz Faceted Point. This stunning sphere is cut from natural quartz found in Brazil, measuring 2.81" X 1.57" X 1.59", and its numerous facets create an energetically strong beam of light. Smoky quartz is known for its ability to ground and transmute negative energy, making it an ideal stone for shamanic work or for anyone who wishes to cleanse their auric field. It's also a protective stone, perfect for warding off negative influences or keeping your energy field clear during psychic work. But the Smoky Quartz Faceted Ball isn't just about defense - it also has a very high vibration that can help you to connect with the angelic realms, or to access powerful Earth energies.
0.3241 LBS
2.81" X 1.57" X 1.59"
Country of Origin
Polished Shape
Polished Point

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