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Vogel Style Smoky Quartz Wand - 15-SMC-12

If you're looking for a powerful, practical tool to help you focus your energy and intentions, look no further than the Vogel Style Smoky Quartz Wand. Cut in the style of a Vogel wand, this 12-sided quartz wand from Brazil is specifically designed to amplify and direct energy. Measuring 4.11" X 1.09", it's the perfect size for carrying with you or keeping on your altar or practice space. Smoky quartz is known for its ability to disperse negative energy and promote positive change. It's an incredible grounding stone that can help you feel more centered and balanced. When used with intention, the Vogel Style Smoky Quartz Wand can be an invaluable aid in your personal and spiritual development.

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0.2183 LBS
4.11" X 1.09"
Country of Origin
Polished Shape
Healing Wand

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