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Blue Aragonite - 52-WEN-39

This Blue Aragonite from Wenshan, Yunnan, China is a crystal of transformation. Its soothing blue color has long been associated with spiritual connection and peace of mind. This particular crystal measures 6.29" X 3.56" X 1.37". When carrying or using Blue Aragonite, you will feel an immediate sense of calmness and can easily access inner realms. It is said to be a powerful cleanser of the soul, allowing old patterns to be released with ease so that new energy can flow in its stead. As such, this crystal offers invaluable support in times of change and is especially useful when confronting difficult decisions in your life. Its soft yet solid presence helps ground energies so that clarity remains intact as decisions are made.

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0.9700 LBS
6.29" X 3.56" X 1.37"
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