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Quartz Crystal

We want to share our love of crystals with the world. Pick from lithium included quartz, Lemurian Seed quartz or a singing laser quartz wand.

Use coupon code FREECRYSTAL in the cart or checkout to get one free, just pay shipping. Orders $49+ ship within the US for free.

All crystals from Brazil. Lithium included quartz crystals are about 1"-1.5". Lemurian and laser quartz are about 2". We will choose one from the type you select.

Lithium quartz is said to be a powerful healing stone to help balance the mind and emotions. Lithium quartz is also said to be helpful for relieving stress and anxiety.

Lemurian Seed quartz is said to have a high vibrational energy that can help to raise your consciousness. Lemurian Seed quartz is also said to be helpful for connecting with your higher self and accessing ancient wisdom.

Laser quartz is said to be helpful for amplifying the energy of other crystals. Laser quartz is also said to be helpful for increasing focus and concentration. Laser quartz is also said to be helpful for stimulating the immune system.

All these varieties of quartz are said to have powerful healing properties. If you are looking for a way to improve your health and wellbeing, consider using one of these varieties of quartz.

Limit to one free crystal per person. While supplies last.



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