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Morion Cathedral Quartz Twin

Welcome to your newest metaphysical journey — the Morion Cathedral Quartz Twin! Few crystals are as ample and meaningful as this powerful offering from nature. Weighing in at an impressive 25.6 kilograms (56 pounds), its substantial size shows that it contains immense amounts of positive energy for you to tap into. Gaze into this beautiful quartz crystal, with one side featuring drusy and the other bright and lustrous — allowing you to explore a multitude of inner worlds inside its depths. What’s more, look toward the tip of the crystal to witness a phantom transverse it, providing even more spiritual insight and provoking deep reflection.

To complement this remarkable item, we have included a custom floor stand designed by Cobalt Design, which highlights both double terminated points of the crystal and stands approximately 41” tall. This allows for magnificent displays in homes or meditation spaces and easy access to working with its energies. Prepare yourself for a profound upgrade in your metaphysical work by introducing the Morion Cathedral Quartz Twin into your life today!


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56.4400 LBS
Natural Formation
Natural Formation
Double Terminated
Natural Formation
Natural Formation
Self Healed

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