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Trapiche Amethyst Point - 1-COS-15

This Trapiche Amethyst is a rare and captivating natural amethyst point. The unique gemstone originates from an exclusive mine located in the heart of the Amazon, covering only a minuscule area of land. Its one-of-a-kind trapiche pattern is revealed through a meticulously cut and polished base, showcasing the stone's inherent beauty and complexity. The stone measures 1.39" X 2.27" X 1.96", making it a perfect fit for personal use or as a centerpiece in your collection. What sets this mine apart is its commitment to minimal environmental impact, focusing on restoration and reforestation of all affected areas, ensuring that each Trapiche Amethyst is not only beautiful but also ethically sourced. But the Trapiche Amethyst is more than just a visually stunning stone. It's believed to possess potent healing properties, said to strengthen both the endocrine and immune systems. The unique crystal formation is also thought to stimulate brain activity and increase concentration, providing an energy boost to the wearer. For those interested in psychic abilities, this gemstone is touted as an excellent conduit for channeling energy during meditation. Whether you're drawn to its aesthetic appeal, spiritual resonance, or both, the Trapiche Amethyst promises to be a cherished addition to your gemstone collection.

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0.1825 LBS
1.39" X 2.27" X 1.96"
Natural Formation
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