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Agatized Coral Pair - 670-EQ-03

This Agatized Coral Pair is a unique and earthy addition to your metaphysical collection! These coral pieces come from Florida, United States, and have gone through a fossilization process, just like petrified wood. They've been split open into bookend pairs that highlight its mesmerizing natural beauty. Each piece measures about 3.31" X 2.42", making it perfect for display in any special space you have in your home or office. Inside each pair you'll find an open geode-like cavity that's full of a variety of hues and colors. Agatized Coral Pairs are full of energy and connect you to the natural world, helping to stimulate deeper meditation sessions and enhance emotional clarity.

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0.3924 LBS
3.31" X 2.42"
Country of Origin
United States

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