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Inside the Chalcedony family, Agate is a stunning gem that is a favorite among healers and collectors. Agate is most known for the bands along its body, of which there are two different varieties. The first is called wall lining banding, where the individual bands are perpendicular to the orientation and growth direction of the crystal. The second is called horizontal banding, where the bands run horizontally. The mineral is sourced across the globe, most in cavities in eruptive rocks or ancient lava. At Exquisite Crystals, a wide array of Agate can be found as cabochons, disks, slabs, clusters, and more.

Agate is a stone for stability, transformation, and balance. Stimulating analytical abilities, Agate awakens inherent talents and adroitness. The mineral eliminates negative energies within every chakra, and balances opposing and/or polar energies. Stabilizing the aura, Agate paves the way for a future of prosperity and concentration.