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A rarity among crystals, Ajoite Quartz is a one of a kind gem, mined in South Africa and the United States. Majestic turquoise to pale sea green in color, Ajoite Quartz is extremely hard to find, and is undeniably popular. It can either take the form of a translucent phantom or a clear crystal with a colored patch on its exterior. However, be aware of fake ajoite, which is actually chrysocolla in quartz and being sold as Angel Ajoite,™ along with other names.

Activating and revitalizing the heart and throat chakras, Ajoite Quartz has metaphysical abilities that are unlike any other mineral. It has a rare, exceptionally high vibration, giving the crystal very special characteristics. Ajoite Quartz awakens the spirit, and wraps the soul in universal love. It brings the user an overwhelming sense of compassion, serenity, and childlike joy. The crystal strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth, and enables one to speak with true spiritual eloquence.