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Are you looking for something special to enhance your spiritual practice or expand your spiritual growth? Look no further! Our selection of crystals and gemstones cut into special shapes is here to help you get the most healing potential from your stones. From pretty crystal bowls to gleaming gemstone spheres, hearts, towers and more - we offer a wide variety of the planet's power crystals crafted in an array of beautiful forms.

Whether it’s the heart-shaped rose quartz or smoky quartz spheres; Lepidolite towers, or chakra-balancing Bowls, each one is designed to tap directly into your energy vibration and emitted frequencies. Working with our wonderful selection of shaped crystals helps connect all seven chakras to initiate magical, healing energies that can increase abundance and joy in all areas of your life.

At Exquisite Crystals, we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful pieces that spark joy while continuing to bring lightness and sustainable positive energy into our customers’ lives. Try one out today, let the energetic beauty blend harmoniously with the vibrations around you!