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Tugtupite is a rare mineral that can only be found in the extreme northern regions of Greenland. Its chemical composition is a complex structure and origin story which continues to fascinate scientists around the world. 

The unique coloring of tugtupite is due to its chemical composition. The crystal structure also makes tugtupite distinct from other minerals as it appears almost translucent when viewed up close. Furthermore, tugtupite is durable and resistant to most forms of corrosion or wear and tear making it ideal for use in jewelry or ornamental items.

Tugtupite is used to open and clear the heart chakra, providing support for one to address both those events and conditions which have been ignored (either consciously or non-consciously) through the years and various experiences. Additionally, tugtupite stimulates compassion, enhances self-expression, and helps one to remember. As a result, it is both a preventive and corrective tool – assisting during periods of disease to bring the cause to a conscious level of awareness.