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Alluring and affordable, Tourmaline is a popular crystal amongst mineral collectors. The gem is sourced from locations across the globe, including Italy, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa, the United States, Pakistan, India, Madagascar, and western Australia. Tourmaline comes in a massive variety of hues, but some of the most popular colored hues are watermelon pink and black. The exterior of a Tourmaline is either shiny, opaque, or transparent. Due to its exquisite and mesmerizing appearance, Tourmaline is also used to create jewelry.

Activating several chakras, Tourmaline is a crystal that has many metaphysical abilities. Depending on the color and composition of the Tourmaline, the mineral will have different properties. However, all Tourmalines have certain healing aspects in common with one another. Tourmaline grounds and purifies the mind, body, and spirit. It encourages balance and alignment between all chakras, and protects against negative energy. The mineral promotes self and universal awareness, helping one understand themselves and the world surrounding them. Physiologically, Tourmaline is rumored to have several unique abilities, including the capability to dispel dyslexia and paranoia.