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Gathered in India, Brazil, the United States, and New Zealand, Cavansite is a versatile mineral with many unique properties. Striking, vivid, turquoise blue in color, Cavansite has many forms. The true beauty of this mineral is not truly understood until it is seen in person. A few of Cavansite’s various forms include crystalline, tumbled pieces, rosettes, or balls on a matrix. With such vibrant color and extreme metaphysical power, Cavansite is one of the most sought after minerals in the crystal community.

Cavansite stimulates the third eye chakra, bringing a greater sense of intuition and thoughtfulness to the spirit. It removes faulty thoughts and beliefs from the mind, and replaces them with new, inspiring ideas. A stone of purification and regeneration, Cavansite can even help one explore their past lives. The mineral brings optimism and clarity into everyday life, and protects the user in a magnitude of positive energy.