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Septarian, also known as Septaria, is a spheroidal concretion made of medium-grained to fine-grained sedimentary rock. Septarian formed when mud or clay layers were compressed over time by sea water and then cracked into pieces due to pressure and evaporation. The cracks would fill with minerals such as calcite, giving Septarian its unique appearance. Septarian is found all over the world and can range in size from small pebbles to large boulders. It has a hardness of 3 - 4 on the Mohs scale.

Septarian is a powerful stone with unique metaphysical properties. It has been used to enhance the gift of speaking, allowing one to communicate in a personal and individualized way that captures and captivates an audience. Septarian can also be used to stimulate deeper interest, respect, and enthusiasm within an audience during lengthy presentations. Additionally, Septarian is believed to bring balance between mind and body while promoting physical healing and spiritual growth. Septarian's calming energy helps one connect on a deeper level with their higher self as well as nature spirits which makes it ideal for meditation practices.