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Euclase is a rare mineral that has been around for centuries. Euclase is an extremely hard mineral that is usually found in small quantities in granite and other types of rocks. It has a glassy appearance and can be assorted colors, depending on its composition. The most common colors are blue, green, and white. Euclase is a strong mineral that is difficult to break or scratch. It is also resistant to heat and chemicals. Euclase has many uses in industry and medicine. It is used in making jewelry, electronic equipment, and optical lenses. It is also used to treat different medical conditions such as arthritis, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Euclase is an exceedingly rare mineral that is not found in many places around the world. The only place it is found in large quantities is in Brazil. Other smaller deposits have been found in Zimbabwe, Australia, and the United States.

Euclase has been called the "stone of happiness" for its ability to stimulate happiness and pride in one's accomplishments. It is an excellent stone for enhancing communication skills and stimulating the crown chakra, throat chakra, and heart chakra. Euclase helps one to reach for and attain the "ultimate" in all areas. It teaches one to "watch the stars" and to not allow the gaze to be diverted by any lesser illuminants and/or mundane concerns. The mineral helps one to recognize old patterns which are not beneficial and allows them to disappear from one's life. Euclase is a powerful stone for anyone seeking joy, happiness, and success in all areas of their life.