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As this is a newer quartz on the market, we are proud to offer this information from Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible.

Russian Lemurian Ice Quartz

These particular Lemurians have an almost technological absence of feeling – cold, rational and intelligent ‘mental’ energy. Clinical, dispassionate and Aquarian appraisal. They are excellent for people who are overly emotional and out of control. They have a clarity that there is no getting away from, it’s impossible to hide truth in their presence.

They assist in weighing up intention and integrity – “sitting on the right hand of God” or Osiris and Anubis weighing the heart - the judgement is over beliefs, concepts etc not people’s behaviour. They assist with balance and seeing something from all sides.

These Lemurians act as outposts or guardians of a grid and should be placed around the head as a ‘helmet’ from the ears to the top of the head, which creates a still point for the mind. This enables a tuning in to complete silence in which there is information. It is a total switch off from earth. These stones take you to the 44th chakra which is more a plane of existence than a chakra as we are used to working with them.

On the soma chakra they reseed ancient knowledge.

Wherever placed on the body, energy streams through when activated by sound or touch. They act as a regulating valve connecting opposite and complementary processes. There is an energy release without needing to know what/why.

These crystals enable you to see what’s at the other end of the wormhole especially when used with Rainbow Quartz.

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