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Also known as Angel Aura Quartz and Rainbow Aura Quartz, Opal Aura Quartz is a crystal that mesmerizes many due to its astounding beauty. The gem is created in a fascinating lab process, where natural quartz crystals are enhanced with pure platinum. This procedure gives the quartz a beautiful, luminous, rainbow glow. The alluring crystal is most commonly sold as points, but also is carved into pendants and spheres.

Angel Aura Quartz activates the crown chakra, and is known to shorten the bridge between the divine and earthly worlds. It stimulates the energy system of the physical and auric bodies, strengthening their connection to one another. Angel Aura Quartz enhances communication with the angelic kingdom, and increases spiritual awareness. A stone of joy, Angel Aura Quartz promotes optimism, and expands one’s capacity of cheerfulness.