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Sourced from Brazil, along with many other locations, Etched Quartz is a very distinct crystal. Etched Quartz is fascinatingly similar to Growth Interference Quartz, in the sense that a physical force obstructed the growth of the crystal. The way every piece of Etched Quartz formed is different and unique. Etched Quartz are most commonly clear, transparent, or slightly opaque in appearance, and can have the slightest tints of brown in their body. Etched Quartz is majestic, eloquent, and filled with joyful energy.

Etched Quartz is most aligned with the 6th chakra; the third eye. The crystal awakens this chakra, opening a greater capacity for knowledge and wisdom within the mind. It enhances the ability to absorb information, and is rumored provides access to knowledge of ancient civilizations. Many claim that Etched Quartz helps one to see the world in a better light.