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Have you ever wanted to take control over your wellbeing? Let go of your worries and align yourself with the universe? With our chakra jewelry, you can do just that! Each and every piece of jewelry is designed to help bring each of the seven chakras in your body into balance.

When these massive energy centers are functioning as they should, they receive an even flow of energy from our connection to the universe. As a result, we become better aligned with our true balanced selves – full of love, bliss, and satisfaction. Our beautiful pieces are designed not only with exquisite detail and craftsmanship - but given special attention to feature stones that correspond on a vibrational level to activate each chakra.

1) Base Chakra - Safety and Security
2) Sacral- Sexuality and Creativity
3) Solar Plexus - Will and Power
4) Heart - Love for self and others
5) Throat - Communication
6) Brow - Intuitive
7) Crown - Connection to Universal Knowledge

We’re confident that all who purchases one or more of our spiritual, metaphysical pieces will feel its vibrational effects almost immediately. Become more aware of yourself by wearing one of these symbolic reminders about patience and presence — harnessing infinite potential for growth, joy and personal power!