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A rarity amongst crystals, Lightning Strike Quartz is a popular gem. Due to its natural formation, Lightning Strike Quartz is very sought after. Also known as the “Flash Stone,” Lightning Strike Quartz forms when a natural quartz deposit is struck by lightning. The transparent, elegant crystal is known for its irregular, scratch like markings, which is similar to etching. Lightning Strike Quartz can only be extracted from Brazil, and has an aura that is difficult to find.

Lighting Strike Quartz is known to promote positive change within one’s life. It is used to destroy negative patterns and replaces them with healthy habits. Acting as a beam of support, Lightning Strike Quartz assists in breaking the bonds of fear. The eloquent crystal transforms one into their more divine self, and wards away evil of all kinds. A unique ability of Lightning Strike Quartz is that the gem is often used to remove ghosts from homes.