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Russian Lemurian Quartz is originates in Russia, most found in the Ural Mountains. These crystals come in many sizes, and are either slightly frosted or clear in appearance. Russian Lemurian Quartz is sold in the form of natural points or polished pieces. Truly remarkable and sensational, Russian Lemurian Quartz, is a special twist on the popular Lemurian Quartz.

Russian Lemurian Quartz is strongly united with the crown chakra, which controls emotions and spirituality. The crystal is known for its great ability to assist in the balance of emotional and mental pursuits. It allows one to regain focus, and can open a gateway to complete silence of the mind. It provides access to ancient knowledge, and affirms the idea that the user is highly capable of anything they put their mind to.

Location for the Russian Lemurian Ice Quartz crystals is from ZHELANNOYE, located on the western slopes of Subpolar Ural Mountains. This quartz from this location has been used by the Russians for military applications as well as high tech. It is a very high vibration quartz with a high degree of piezoelectric traits.

Location for the Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribe Quartz crystals is Ushney Mine, Ural Polar Mountains, Russia. These are the infamous Russian Lemurian Sacred Scribes that have been impossible to find the last 10 years!