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Often known as the “flower stone,” Chrysanthemum Stone is an astoundingly special mineral. Formed millions of years ago in China, the unique pattern of Chrysanthemum Stone was created naturally by geological movement. The coloring on the gem’s front resembles the chrysanthemum flower, hence its name. Many crystal sellers attempt to replicate this formation by painting the flower pattern onto the surface of the stone. However, the authentic energy of the Chrysanthemum Stone can never be duplicated.

Chrysanthemum Stone has several metaphysical properties, many of which unique to the mineral. Most famously, Chrysanthemum Stone is known for dispelling superficiality and mental distractions. The gem aids in bringing balance and stability to the mind, destroying ignorance, bigotry, and self-righteous attitudes. It stimulates a sense of radiance throughout the body and delivers joy to the spirit.