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Fluorcarletonite is an extra rare phylosilicate mineral that was discovered in 2017 in the charoitites of Muran Massif, on the border of Irkustk region and Yakutia, It has a charming color that varies from light to deep blue. Fluorcarletonite can be found in charotities (charoite bearing rocks) in the association with charoite, pectolite, apophyllite and pyroxene. Fluorcarletonite is a structural analogue of the more common mineral Carlentonite (which can be found in Canada) but has a prevalence of fluorine in it's composition.

It is most likely that the Muran Massif deposit is going to be the only place in the world where Fluorcarletonite occurs in minor quantities. Since the mineral as only found in the northern part of the deposit, it is hard to say whether the massif contains more of the same material or not. Due to this factor, Fluorcarletonite is about to have a huge value for mineral collections throughout the world, since it's rare (almost impossible!) to get it any where other than direct from the mine.