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Mined in Brazil, Judy’s Jasper is a classic customer favorite. Judy’s Jasper has a wide array of earthy hued colors, including forest green to deep brown. Every piece is different, a unique pattern adorning each mineral. A sample of this gem was sent to our good friend, Judy Hall to test for metaphysical properties. To our surprise, Judy and her associates fell in love with this stone. This new material is named after author Judy Hall who gave us information about Judy’s Jasper unique properties.

Judy’s Jasper has astounding physiological and mental power. The mineral is known to clear infections from the body, as well as the mind. It is most commonly in tune with the root or base chakra, but different varieties and colors of Judy’s Jasper can assist other chakras as well. Judy’s Jasper contains raw, dynamic energy that encourages balance, strength and peace. It reprograms any sense of loss, and replaces negative energies with a sense of abundance. Judy’s Jasper is also known to relieve stress, and promotes natural detox of the mind. A fascinating ability of Judy’s Jasper is its ability to ward of sickness, and to fight against disease.