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Are you looking for an ancient tool to help you with your spiritual and metaphysical journey? Look no further than our gorgeous crystal and gemstone Pendulums! These Pendulums are the perfect tool for uncovering inner wisdom, deepening intuition, and connecting with the spiritual world.

Our selection of Pendulums offers a range of options that are intended to bring out one's highest potential, including quartz crystals and gemstones of various shapes and sizes. To use your Pendulum, simply hold it at the top between your thumb and forefinger. Ask a question or make affirmations then give it time to find its answer in the stillness of your being. Once the pendulum begins to swing in one direction or another you will be able to discern whether the answer is yes/no, this way/that way etc.

Pendulums can be used daily to access information on many different topics such as health-related questions, career advice or which crystals would be best for relying on healing energy during a reading session. Many people are using Pendulum Dowsing as part of their crystal healing practice; others utilize them for all kinds of questions. With these beautiful and unique items from our store, discovering answers has never been easier!