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Worry Stones - the ancient art of stress relief and mental clarity now at your fingertips! From smooth, shiny polished stones made of amethyst quartz to colorful agate slices, these pocket stones are perfect for your journey towards inner peace. Feel the calming effects of a harmonious and spiritual environment by rubbing one between your thumb and fingers when needed. Mystical experts believe that Worry Stones can create positive vibrations which can bring peace and relaxation throughout your mind, body, and soul. Our selection has been thoughtfully curated to give you the most beautiful options for alleviating stress naturally. Each piece is unique in its composition and composition – whether it’s an irresistible rose quartz heart-shaped stone or a mesmerizing tiger’s eye gemstone – these worry stones were created to promote tranquility. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let yourself be taken away on a journey of relaxation with our Worry Stones.