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One of the most distinct crystals, Golden Healer Quartz can be described by its name. The gem is most often golden in color and shimmering in appearance. Golden Healer Quartz comes in several varieties, and can be clear or opaque. It is sourced from Madagascar, Arkansas, or other locations in the United States. Ranging from polished points, to carved shapes, to freeform pieces, Golden Healer Quartz has taken the world of crystals by storm.

Golden Healer Quartz is an immensely powerful healing crystal, as it provides access to the light of the Universal Life Force. Allowing the golden healing energy of the masters to manifest in the gem, Golden Healer Quartz attracts success, prosperity and abundance. It activates and strengthens the solar plexus chakra, assisting in the ability to take control of personal actions. As the third chakra is responsible for self image, Golden Healer Quartz promotes self love and confidence.