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Also known as Baby in Mother Quartz, Manifestation Quartz is astonishingly rare. This formation occurs in many quartz formations, such as Cathedral Quartz and Lemurian Quartz. Manifestation Quartz has a whole crystal inside of the larger crystal. The inner crystal does not touch the outer edges of the mother crystal. However, the manifestation could also grow on a matrix within the larger crystal. Due to its uniqueness, Manifestation Quartz is in large demand. As prices soar, many dealers attempt to market emerging quartz as Manifestation Quartz.

Manifestation Quartz opens the crown chakra, making way for spiritual wellness. It is a stone of prosperity, desire, and health. The crystal helps one achieve their greatest goals, removing what is blocking them. Additionally, Manifestation Quartz assists in gardening, the arts, and the practice of other creative endeavors.