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Deep black in hue, Shungite is one of the most popular minerals. Shungite is astoundingly versatile, as it is able to be polished into many forms. The gem was first spotted near Shunga Village, which is where Shungite got its name.

There are three basic types of shungite. Typical shungite, which comes from Zazhoginskaya mine in Karelia, contains about 30% of carbon, 57% of silicates and 13% of other minerals like aluminum, iron and manganese oxides. This material has a black, matte surface, sometimes with visible inclusions of other minerals.

Another type is elite (or noble) shungite, which contains up to 98% of carbon. It has black color and metallic luster. It comes in small quantities from Shunga village, and the small pockets of this shungite can be found occasionally in other parts of Karelia. But in general, it is a very rare type of shungite, and therefore, much more expensive.

The third type which contains from 70% to 80% of carbon is called Petrovsky shungite. People used this type for more than 300 years, since the times of Russian Tzar Peter the Great. This material can still be found, but in very limited quantities.

Shungite is most closely associated with the base chakra, bringing purity and balance into the body of the beholder. The mineral uses ancient power to fight away negative energy, protecting the spirit. Unlike many other gems, Shungite is known for its acute ability to absorb mental or physiological pollutants. It can act as an antibacterial and antiviral, removing pesticides, bacteria, or other health hazards. Shungite restores emotional stability in the user, providing a shield against harm. Containing nearly all of the minerals in the periodic table, Shungite is utterly unique.