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Also known as Rainbow Quartz, Anandalite™, or 7 Color Quartz, Aurora Quartz is mined in India. Aurora Quartz naturally forms as a cluster, and often has color flashes. However, these color flashes are difficult to capture on camera.

Aurora Quartz opens every chakra with ease, encouraging balance. As one works with Aurora Quartz, they may feel as if their body is being filled with light. The crystal brings on a sense of joy in the user, calming their nerves. We encourage that you use Aurora Quartz for a chakra sweep.

Use two crystals and:
1. Have client stand sideways in front of you.
2. Hold one crystal in each hand with points of crystal facing the client.
3. Start at the crown and slowly move down the body of the client about 1 foot out from the body.
4. Sweep from the crown down to the feet and then have the client turn around and sweep up the body in the same manner.
5. Sense as you sweep if there are any "sticky areas" that may need a bit more attention.
6. Give thanks to your self, the client and the crystals. Finish.