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Citrine with Green Tourmaline Lamp

If you are looking for a captivating addition to your home, look no further than this beautiful citrine cathedral quartz with green tourmaline lamp. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece features a natural citrine quartz that towers over the granite base at 13" X 7" X 6". The natural crystal and granite lamp is a magnificent piece of sacred energy, radiating beauty, positivity, and light into any environment.

Created from a natural citrine crystal sourced in Brazil, this wonder features distinct smoky 'hot spots' and embedded gemmy green tourmaline crystals. The cathedral quartz sits atop a lighted granite base that brings out its unique quality and color, making it look like it was crafted by ethereal hands. And because citrine is known to attract abundance while releasing negative energy, placing this majestic lamp in your home or office will become both a metaphysical protection shield and an oasis of positivity! Let this beautiful spiritual guide be your doorway to peace.

It's time to take your spiritual sanctuary to the next level; with the Citrine Cathedral Quartz with Green Tourmaline Lamp you'll feel empowered for every journey ahead!


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20.2100 LBS
13" X 7" X 6"
Solar Plexus
Natural Formation
Hot Spot
Country of Origin

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