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Malachite Chrysocolla Cluster - 389-JAK-01

Looking for a powerful crystal to help you connect with the Earth's energy? Meet the stunning malachite chrysocolla cluster! This one-of-a-kind specimen is sure to draw admiring eyes - and not just because of its incredible size, measuring 7.01" x 5.89" x 2.76". The deep green of the malachite is beautifully offset by the blue hues of the chrysocolla, making it a visually arresting piece. But it's not just a pretty face - this cluster is known for its potent metaphysical properties.

Malachite is said to be a highly protective stone, guarding against negative energies and psychic attack. It's also believed to promote inner strength and confidence, helping you to stay centered in times of stress. Chrysocolla, on the other hand, is known as a "stone of communication," aiding in self-expression and helping you to articulate your thoughts and feelings clearly. Combined, these stones make for a potent ally in your journey towards personal growth and self-awareness.

Whether you choose to keep this magnificent cluster in your home or office as a decoration, or use it in your crystal healing practice, it's sure to be a treasured addition to your collection!


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2.7646 LBS
7.01" X 5.89" X 2.76"
Natural Formation
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