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Malachite Chrysocolla Cluster - 519-JAK-21

This spectacular Malachite Chrysocolla Cluster is a true showstopper! Capturing this magnificent piece of gemstone art is like taking in a breath of fresh air – bright, energizing and mind-opening. Its vividly hued blue botryoidal chrysocolla is complemented by the equally eye-catching dark green malachite revealed under the polished surface. With an impressive size of 7.59" X 6.27" X 1.62", it’s a powerful focal point to any meditation or spiritual journey. Its metaphysical properties have long been celebrated by crystal healing aficionados for its ability to aid in self-care and revitalize your spirit. Its dazzling shades symbolize truth, wisdom, and strength – perfect for balancing irritations from inner troubles or worldly anxieties as they tunnel down into your unconscious mind! Endowed with natural harmony, it creates distinct channels of communication that facilitate psychic growth while the angelic rays help open blocked energy fields in our physical bodies also restoring our body’s natural balance from the profoundly uplifting vibration of its combined chrysocolla and malachite energies. It’s evident why this radiant Malachite Chrysocolla Cluster is a luxurious addition to any metaphysical collection and can offer dynamic transformation when used daily in your practice and meditation rituals. So let this towering yet tranquil piece be the beacon of inspiration and light – not just for you but those around you too!

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4.9400 LBS
7.59" X 6.27" X 1.62"
Natural Formation
Country of Origin

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