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Mini Sphere Chakra Set on Star of David Base

Introducing the extraordinary and enchanting Mini Sphere Chakra Set! Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Look no further - we've curated the ultimate collection of perfectly sized mini spheres, each representing a specific chakra, and elegantly sitting upon a magnificent Star of David etched glass base.

Let's dive right into this magical array of chakra spheres! First in line is the majestic Crown chakra, embodied by the mesmerizing Purple Lepidolite sphere. Bathe in its soothing energy as it restores harmony to your spiritual being. Move on to the Third Eye chakra, represented by the deep and mysterious Lapis sphere, which opens the gateway to your intuitive wisdom and enhances mental clarity.

Ah, the Throat chakra, where self-expression and communication thrive! Embrace the tranquil energy of the Sodalite sphere, unleashing your authentic voice and breaking through barriers. Journey further into the depths of your heart with the gorgeous Green Aventurine sphere, symbolizing the nurturing and balancing Heart chakra. Let its loving vibrations open you up to love, compassion, and inner harmony.

Next up, the Solar Plexus chakra, the radiant core of your being! The Golden Healer Quartz sphere will empower you with confidence, strength, and vitality - channel your inner superhero! Prepare to ignite your creative flame with the captivating Orange Calcite sphere, representing the vibrant and energizing Sacral chakra. Feel the surge of inspiration as it flows through every fiber of your being.

Lastly, ground yourself with the mighty Red Jasper sphere, embodying the robust energy of the Root chakra. Let it anchor you to the earth, providing stability, protection, and a solid foundation for your spiritual journey.

But that's not all! The focal point of this remarkable set is the Star of David etched glass base. A symbol of sacred geometry, it adds a touch of elegance while magnifying the energy and power of your chakra spheres. With dimensions of approximately 4" in diameter and 1.25" in height, it effortlessly showcases the beauty and unity of your collection.

Each mini sphere measures approximately .80" in diameter, ensuring they are perfectly sized to fit snugly atop the glass base, becoming a visual masterpiece and an enchanting centerpiece for any space.


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