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Dazzling silver to luxurious red in hue, Hematite is a mineral with a one of a kind composition. The texture of hematite ranges from metallic, sub-metallic, to opaque. Hematite is found in many locations across the world, including Argentina, Morocco, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden. With a hardness of 5-6, Hematite is a fantastic stone for jewelry and shape carving. The stunning Hematite comes in a vast variety of forms, including pendants, hearts, clusters, and polished tumbled pieces. Hematite often comes in combination with other minerals, such as Hematite with Quartz and Hematite and Botryoidal Hematite.

Hematite grounds, calms and cleanses the mind, eradicating unease. It is connected to the base chakra, and promotes security and well being. Stimulating the desire for peace, self control, and happiness, Hematite often helps one reach their personal goals. The mineral balances the energy between the body and spirit, allowing one to strengthen their connection to their spiritual selves. A stone of guidance, Hematite is known for its superb ability to keep one on a path of positivity and wellness.