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Mined in several locations, Fluorite is known for its color variety. The mineral commonly has a pale green hue, but can also be yellow, purple, or multicolored. Fluorite forms in hydrothermal vents, sedimentary deposits, metamorphic environments, and pegmatite dikes. Once Fluorite is harvested, it is often carved into shapes. Such carvings include bowls, cabochons, wands, pocket stones, slices, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants.

Fluorite will activate different chakras depending on the color of the piece. All specimens of Fluorite have metaphysical properties in common. The mineral eradicates chaos and disorganization, making way for easy growth. By encouraging well being, Fluorite aids in the process of happiness. It creates ease in relationships, soothing tensions. Fluorite even promotes intellect, stimulating one’s ability to focus.